POLTEKS SRL, based in the Filipeştii de Foresti, Prahova county, was established in 2001 and started production in 2002, representing one of the 6 factories of the “POLTEKS” group registered trademark, with an old date from 1994. The 6 factories of the group carries out its production activity with different fields of activity in 3 countries as well as regional marketing strategies.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane type:

Hardness range: : 25-95 ShA

Casting system:

Mold casting system
Rotational casting system

Rolls casting capacity : Ø1800x6000mm

Proper preparation of formulas to achieve good results in abrasion, elongation, elasticity and compressive strength can be a solution to save time for maintenance by ensuring greater resistance over time..
Rubber Coating

Rubber Coating

Rubber types:

Hardness range: 30-100 ShA

Rubber rolls coating capacity: Ø1100x7500mm

Preparing the rubber compounds in our own laboratories according to customer requirements ensures better performance and shortens maintenance time. Each compound is developed only for the requirements and place of use in the industry.
Polyurethane Spare Parts

Polyurethane Spare Parts

-Wheels and rollers
-Non-crush wheels
-Tubes and sleeves
-Shock absorbers
- Abrasion resistant parts

Hardness range: 25-95 ShA

-Different colors are available
-Serial production capability
-Large production capacity
-Production according to customer requirements
Steell Rolls & Rollers

Steell Rolls & Rollers

The production of steel rollers and rollers for different sectors in the industry is at the same time part of our product range. The rollers and rollers are produced with high precision according to the customer's technical drawing or according to our own project.

Production capacity: Ø1800x6000mm

-Surface coatings

-Large production capacity
-Series and unique production
-Production according to the client's requirements or according to our own project
Wheels PU Coating Replacement

Wheels PU Coating Replacement

-Wheels for electrical forklifts
-Industrial transporting wheels
-Escalator transporting wheels
-Conveyor wheels

Hardness range : 25-95 ShA

-High capacity resistance materials
-Short production time
-Different colors available
-Serial production capability
-Production after customer requirement
Grinding & Grooving

Grinding & Grooving

Rolls grinding:

- Rubber surface grinding Ra & Rz
- Curve grinding
- Conical grinding
- Resizing and grinding

Rubber surface grooving:

-Helicoidal grooving
-Diamond grooving
-Spherical grooving
-Longitudinal grooving

-Grooves execution according to the customer's project
-Execution of grooves by sample
-Different profiles applied on the rubber surface
-Urgent grindings with appointment
-Grindings made depending on the application
Shaft Repair by Metal Coating Process

Shaft Repair by Metal Coating Process

-Reconditioning of shaft by metallization
-Shaft grinding
-Shafts replacements

-Short execution time
-Design and execution possibilities in necessary cases
Static & Dynamical Balancing

Static & Dynamical Balancing

-Static balancing performed at the time of manufacture or after customer requirements
-Dynamical balancing class G6.3 & G2.5 respectively

-Balancing achieved to the best standards

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